05 Oct

What drives differences in willingness to pay?

As published in the October 2021 issue of The Water Report. PJM economics’ Paul Metcalfe summarises new research that sheds light on why willingness to pay varies so much across water companies.  These findings have important implications for the design
29 May

Economic Value of Freshwater Angling

Read our work for the Environment Agency, joint with RPA and Accent, on the economic value of freshwater angling in England – http://bit.do/ezdCD View Full Project The work involved combining stated preference and revealed preference methods of value measurement and covered
15 Jan

Social impacts of road traffic

An article by Paulo Anciaes, Paul Metcalfe and Chris Heywood has just been published in ‘Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal’. The article is entitled ‘Social impacts of road traffic: perceptions and priorities of local residents’ and is based on work
25 Nov

Envecon 2018

Paul Metcalfe will be presenting on ‘Valuation of freshwater angling in England’ at the Envecon 2018 conference, Royal Society, London, 9 March 2018. This is based on recent work conducted jointly by PJM, Accent and RPA for the Environment Agency