Economic Appraisal

The methods of economic appraisal are rooted in welfare economics and are well established in theory and in practice, around the world and across a huge range of applications.

Economic appraisal methods are used to inform decisions about proposed new policies and regulations, to help determine the impact of the policy, the form in which the policy or regulation should best be implemented, and whether or not it should be implemented at all. Economic appraisals are often at the heart of business plans, where companies need to justify their resulting business plans to their regulator(s).

Related experience
  • Review of cost-benefit analyses undertaken for regulatory submission (stakeholder engagement and consumer vulnerability incentive)
  • Review of economic aspects of water resources management plans
  • Application of results from willingness to pay surveys in cost-benefit analyses for water company business planning
  • Completion of an economic impact assessment to support a water company’s drought order application
  • Screening of economic mechanisms for inclusion in programmes of measures for the Water Framework Directive
  • Development of an economic framework for wastewater supply-demand planning for a water and sewerage company.

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